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The Freak Athletiq Tribe
Life Changing Community You Need To Be Part Of!
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What You'll Learn:
-Training for Fat Loss
-Circuit Training
-Functional Training
-Athletic/Performance Training
-Easy to Follow Training Programs
-Foods to Gain Muscle
-Foods that Burn Fat
-Nutritional Advice
-In-depth Look into Common Diets
-Dieting Best Practices
-Resources & Tools
Video Archives
Gain access to an entire library of instructional training videos that are sure to change your life.
-Private Facebook Group for members to share their journeys and help each other out.
-Health & Fitness Workshops
-Training Workshops
-Live Training Seminars
What Is A "Freak Athlete"?
A Freak Athlete is someone who is not only an athlete, but is also at the top of his or her game.
Someone who will DOMINATE in their field because they are passionate and driven and they damn right know it!
What Is Freak Athletiq?
Freak Athletiq is a fitness brand, but more than just that; We are forming a community of driven individuals who want to better themselves and smash their fitness goals.

Created in 2017 by the founders Filip and Elizabeth with an idea of wanting to help and support others in there fitness journeys, they formed a brand that can resonate with passionate people pushing themselves through their limits and not holding back.

Working with a vision to inspire others through stories of triumph over hardships they have faced in their lives and how they have overcome them to be who they are now.
We believe everyone has a unique story to share 
and has the ability to inspire others that may relate to their story.
It's Time To Let Out Your Freak Athlete
We all have our good and bad days.

Some days we may wake up feeling too tired, lazy, sore, too bloated, sick,
blah.. blah.. blah..

But that's all just excuses.

You choose not to listen to those voices in your head.

The voice you have chosen to listen to is the voice telling you that you set that alarm clock for a reason, so get up, wash your face and go on and tackle the day like a champion.

You ready to tackle on the day, Freak Athlete? 
LOOK, we have created this Amazing Offer...

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You will only pay: $2/Month!

That's entire Membership Access to the life-changing community of The Freak Athletiq Tribe for less than what you would spend on a single cup of coffee.

That's INSANE, right?

After that, it will Go up to the regular price of $37/Month. Which is still a FRACTION to pay for the VALUE you will get from us..

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